Whose Blog is This?

Thanks for dropping by. I’m Erwin Mendoza, a freelancer who does a lot of different things that co-relate.

My food game weak, I’ve suggested to my homies to write a blog. Wattup coolkids, talk about what you that phở spot you keep secret or that off-Convoy KBBQ spot. I consciously decided to stay away from food blogging because it’s all the same to me– fucking noise. Of course I have blogs I keep tabs on, but no immediate need for me to add more noise.

Then Eddie Huang’s Fresh off the Boat came out.

I swear to you I heard Nas’ The World is Yours off Illmatic while breezing through his book. Not only because of the hip-hop and NY connect, but his stories were similar to my kick game, parental disapproval of friends, and ideology when it comes to collegiate Asian organizations. Mainly his voice was my voice, hashtags and all. Eddie Huang spoke how he wrote and vice versa.

That has been my approach to any kind of writing since signing into blogger ’01.

Okay I should really start a food blog. Eddie’s made a living just being himself, even with his ethos (law degree, chef, media personality). I think it’s time I get over my anxieties and just write.

So after contemplating over a month from those tweets, I do have a goal and focus: to not give a fuck. Giving a fuck is nice when it’s focused like social justice, but it’s a distraction when you’re trying to push your sensibilities. This is me writing about food, sharing my spots, blowing up yours, and (home) cook life.

Let’s get that Vice money.

– ½ filipino ½ dope


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