OC Adventures: One Star Pizza & Chicken

One Star Pizza & Chicken


Really though, dabble with the pizza fux with the wings.

How can you say no to drunken family specials?

It’s not going to replace your K-Town Kyochon (LA) or Bonchon (NYC)

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If you drove 90 miles for Disneyland and you want food nearby, the food needs to justify itself.

A quick browse on Yelp produced this spot within a good 10 minutes of Disneyland. Korean chicken wings are good, and friends have brought down Kyochon from LA to San Diego because San Diego lacks in the Korean Wing department. Yeah, there are chicken wings in San Diego, but really  no one has gotten their shit together with K-Chicken Wings. OC/LA has a deeper Korean population, so there are better restaurants that do have their shit together.

One Star Pizza & Chicken shares a small plaza off Euclid in the real, non-Disneyfied Anaheim. I’m confident you will miss this spot on the first try, so if you don’t feel comfortable with neighborhoods that haven’t been gentrified yet, then keep it moving. Their logo is a chicken serving pizza and beer, you really can’t miss it.

Fux with the wings and a small pizza. Don’t get the bulgogi pizza. Your head reads savory, sweet, maybe delicious. You’ll end up with a confused face while grubbing on wings.

They serve a cabbage and corn slaw topped with a spicy thousand island complementary with the wings. If you want to try the kinda-not-really Korean fusion pizza, go for it. Stay small if you’re on the fence. This place gets the Korean wing craving down, but they’re definitely not Kyochon or Bonchon. Also keep this place in mind instead of BBQ Chicken at the Diamond & Jamboree plaza.

No body aint got time to wait for your 85° shit.

One Star Pizza & Chicken
821 N Euclid St Ste B
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 956-0077

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