Tiger Style. Automatic Brewing Aint Nothin to Fuck With.

Tiger! Tiger!


Brunch Menu. Beer and Donuts. :O

Taps on rotation, includes their own Automatic Brewing styles.

Back patio features IPA Bar.

If you hate hipsters, why do you come?

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So you could really catch me at this spot if I lived in North Park. This is one of the rare spots in North Park where the douches stay away (looking at you True North, U-31, and the Office) and the hipsters claim this as theirs. So once again to emphasize–

If you hate hipsters, why do you even come?

This place has an extensive beer list, but definitely not as long as their sister bar, Blind Lady Ale House. They feature their own, and pictured above half drunken, is Automatic Brewing Co.’s Darkest Thing You’ll Ever Have paired fresh house made donuts. Last time I dropped by I had their pulled pork sandwich and an Sierra Nevada IPA on their back patio. That back patio is probably one of North Park’s best secrets. Super low key that they serve IPA in the back. #TYBG

Not breakfast? Easily pick up the poutine. It’s made with house made sausage and that gravy with the cheese curds though…

What I really like about this place is that no matter how long I go between visits is that nothing has changed. The people, the interior, and how they go about delivering quality beer and food in a growing neighborhood. Fuck with this place, it’ll get the hype from the mags and blogs like this, but they’re worth it.

Tiger! Tiger!
3025 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego
(619) 487-0401


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