I know part of the reason I blog here is that I want to blow up your spots. It is inevitable that there are spots, especially San Diegan spots, that are burned without anyone’s help. In the spirit of my Medium post titled “Five Overrated Places in San Diego“, this is a hopeful weekly volume of places I hate hitting up because they’re overly cracking. Yo, I have to write. Can we not pack every coffee shop in the area?

Lestat’s, both of ’em.


ALL THE FUCKING TIME. If it’s not hipsterville, it’s studyville. Hey UCSD, can we not study on a Friday? #shotsfied #iseeyourhoodiebro

Pannikin, Flower Hill, Del Mar


Every Sunday I try to write here, but I can’t. Parents, parents, parents, sprinkle of students. This spot is definitely for the Del Mar Crochet Team. #affluenzaDGAF #uptownproblems

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