To Liquid Swords. Mother Fucker

Nolbu Eat and Drinks


Small, but killin the customer service game.

San Diego’s best korean wings. I put that on.

American craft beer on tap and the guys are IPA aficionados.

The smallest parking lot on Convoy.

Don’t expect Min Sok Chon

filed under: Underrated like Clipse circa ’02.


Convoy has the most Korean spots in San Diego. This happens to be one of them, but the flip is that Nolbu is super underrated. If you would have an AP Top 25 Poll for Convoy Restaurants, this place would be on the list receiving votes. And I would be that lone vote.

There are reasons to justify the need to not want to drop in. First of all, this place is hidden as fuck. Considering the amount of restaurants in Clairemont Mesa and specifically on Convoy, this “gastropub” doesn’t do much to stand out. It’s really just a pub, no gastronomy and technical culinary dishes involved. Just a random irk. Second, this place has weird hours. Sometimes they’re open at 6p, sometimes 5:30p and stay late until 12a, sometimes 11:30p, once in a while 2:00a.

Set aside the hiccups, just stfu and drink. Then after two drinks, eat.


These guys said fuck the traditional cuisine and catered to people like me– young and drunk, looking for something to satisfy the munchies. I think that’s the way to go on Convoy, especially if they’ve only been open for six months. Pictured are bulgogi fries with a special sprinkle of tater tots underneath. When browsing through the menu, like I said further up top, concentrate on your gut feeling.

I recommend the Korean spicy wings. You know I’ve been looking for a new spot in SD, and I think I found it here. Bulgogi can use work, but whatever. Drinks? Traditional or craft brew, but be wary of the watermelon soju.


These guys do the drunk food well, because they know once they got you with the soju first thing on your mind isn’t rice. Don’t come in expecting Min Sok Chon. This is more like your Korean homie in high school who you shared 40s with. 

Nolbu Eat and Drinks
4633 Convoy St Ste 102
San Diego, CA 92111

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