Great Maple (Dinner Version)– AKA Not Brunch. #breakfasttown

Great Maple


Sister restaurant to Hash House A Go Go & Tractor Room.

Right time, right place for dinner service.

Props to parking. *thumbs up emoji*

TBH, need to comeback to checkout breakfast & those Bacon Maple Donuts everyone hypes up.

filed under: searching Bacon Maple Donuts will result here

photo 3

Parmesean Portobello Fries with Pesto Aioli.

When you browse through Yelp for brunch I’m confident this pops up in your top 10. When you narrow the search into Hillcrest, this will stack up with those other juggernauts of brunch (Snooze & Hash House A Go Go) simply for the bacon maple donuts. You’ve probably seen it on your feed (#greatmaple). But on a true restaurant level, you have to appreciate that Great Maple is a sister restaurant to Hash House and Tractor Room. I love the chicken & waffles at Hash House and the Buffalo fries at Tractor Room, so it’s really easy to buy into the concept of Great Maple.


It’s easy to see Great Maple on Washington Street coming as it’s signage hangs high above the restaurant like a Denny’s sign, but it’s definitely not. Walking in gives this almost European lodge vibe? I mean the U-T said it, so it’s legit right? Already Great Maple steps outside of its shadows of its sister restaurants with the decor colors and offers its own unique willkommen.

The Parmesan Portobello fries pictured above had that right crisp and spice to it to rival Bottega Louie‘s portobello fries. But when it comes to the main course, if I wasn’t going to fuck with any bacon I’m gonna mess with pork. The pork came out on some roasted potatoes with and semi-sweet glaze which all went easy with a Saint Archer Blonde.

photo 2

Grilled Pork Chop

The pork chop was really good, but not memorable. Whisknladle is still on my top-tier pork chop list, but I reluctantly want to try the bacon maple donuts– only for research purposes.

Their pie selection catches my attention more than donuts I could cop at Donut Bar or some obscure donut shop off the block. The sandwiches and seafood stand out for the next go around, but maybe not a dinner service again. I guess there is a reason why the feed blows up every Sunday with #nofilter pictures of bacon maple donuts. The foods good here, and there’s nothing wrong here. SD just knows about #breakfasttown.

Great Maple
1451 Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 255-2282

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