I’m next to the Pacific to be Specific.

Puesto Mexican Street Food La Jolla


Mexican corn on point

Street style- “elevated” flair to the cuisine

Downtown La Jolla is a mad turn-off. I can’t with Burger Lounge on Wall St either

Hype level seems about right

filed under: Mexican food does not equal Cali burritos.


Ceviche De Acapulco (Mahi mahi, tomato, onion, chile serrano, lime, avocado)

Puesto’s been on my radar for a little bit. Eater SD had it on their first page for a few weeks in 2014, so with the hype I was just curious to find some time to drop by. Glad it was on Restaurant Week in September, because to be honest it’s hard to really mess with sit-down Mexican food in San Diego. Why break away from the taste of the neighborhood drive-thru -Bertos joint? Carne Asada Nachos/Fries & California Burritos run the game out here. The -Bertos joint is like In-N-Out and cheeseburgers.

You can’t tell me nothing.


Crab Guacamole (House-made guacamole with lump crab)

But I have to give props to Puesto on its choice to stand out and be that spot for sit-down Mexican. Everyone has taken their dates/friends/tourists to Cafe Coyote. Cafe Coyote is good, but Puesto raises the ante to those like myself who couldn’t get past the fast food Mexican food around town.

Even though both locations of Puesto are hella set for a crowd who wants to deviate from the -Bertos joint. It’s low-key targeting WP, maybe people like me who feel curious to see Mexican food on a different stage.

So that Restaurant Week deal was for $15 and it came with 1 antojito (almost like a small shareable side), 2 tacos, and 1 side. Some of the pictured food was shared between me & gf.


Esquite (Grilled corn, chile, lime, queso, crema)

Every time it’s fair season out in Del Mar, I have to stop for corn on the cob and butter it up with the lime and spices. HELLA GOOD. So they have the street corn but serve in a bowl “elevating” it, I guess.

When it comes down to it, they just serve delicious food. I had no qualms with the atmosphere, had me that Horchata with the food and we’re good. I’m looking forward to going back to Puesto.


Tacos:  Potato Soy Chorizo Veg & Chicken Al Pastor


Tacos: Carnitas & Cochinita Pibil

Puesto Mexican Street Food
1026 Wall St
La Jolla, CA 92037

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