Shake Shack Las Vegas

Concrete, fries, Shake Stack (top), Shack Burger (bottom) credit: iblewupyaspot

When Eater announced Shake Shack was moving west to Las Vegas I was hella excited. A great Vegas addition since January 2015 Shake Shack is one of my favorite must-dos in Vegas. It works out that Shake Shack in Vegas is on the strip located on the outskirts of the New York New York (get it?)

My favorite burger there is the Shake Stack, a Shack burger topped with a deep-fried mushroom filled with cheese. But I hate the crinkle-cut fries. I don’t get it, and continually don’t get it. It makes me think of shitty french fries in the frozen food aisle. The special concretes are always good and gotta look at the weekly offerings.

West Coasters: Stop comparing Shake Shack to In-N-Out– it’s the wrong comparison. It’s two different style of franchises. I think it’s easy to compare both because In-N-Out is a West Coast institution and most of us defend In-N-Out’s honor against any East Coast Bias.

But breaking it down, In-N-Out has a simple menu which allows them to focus on quality and keeps the prices relatively competitive in the fast food arena. On price alone Shake Shack offers a $5.19 cheeseburger vs a $3.something cheeseburger. A full meal like the one pictured costs $25, versus the same amount of food from In-N-Out is half the amount.

I enjoy both burger joints, but you and I can taste test all we want it’s not the same comparison. Shake Shack’s burgers are a bit bigger, and also a bit flavorful, but In-N-Out has the package for the price point. A true comparison of Shake Shack is Burger Lounge.

Nonetheless Shake Shack Las Vegas is solid pick in Vegas.

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