Japanese-style condiments with classic American hot dog.

Little Tokyo on a Saturday. I guess…?

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I did one of the craziest double-takes while walking Little Tokyo on Saturday.

“Yo, is that JAPADOGS?!”

“Are they packing up? aghhhh..”

In 2013, a trio of me, my GF, and a buddy of ours were walking around downtown Vancouver on vacation. My friend’s 20something niece acted as a tour guide taking us to the Digital Orca, or as I like to call it “Lego Shamu”, then to a cart that featured Japanese-style hot dogs somewhere near the convention center. I only remembered it near the convention center because of  the abundance of cosplayers roaming the streets away from their Anime convention.

Fun fact: a really good Tywin Lannister cosplay was in line with us. Apparently by Japadog’s signs, they got most of their NBC co-signs like Al Roker from when the 2010 Winter Olypmics in Vancouver. I didn’t get it at first because going into Canada all I wanted was poutine. I think once I took a bite into the hot dog I was saddened that I wouldn’t be able to grab one for myself in Southern California. Until yesterday..

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetI recommend the Terimayo. It’s mad basic, but I felt like I was getting too crazy with their offerings.

The hot dog pictured was grilled right in front of us as we ordered. The Terimayo was close to basic without being bun and meat. It had teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo topped off with some dried seaweed. I felt the savory, sweetness was all I needed to get through the rest of Little Tokyo and the impending I-5 traffic. Going further down the line from Terimayo looks like a clusterfuck of ingredients placed on top of a hot dog.

Brah, I just need my hot dog.

Japadog is good, but personally, it doesn’t change the game. Living in a post-food truck world where the almost-gimmicky cuisine has to stop people in their tracks for a chance to survive in LA. A Japanese hot dog is not going to cure your thirst (or hunger) because the cart is truly in the sense of this post’s title– quick hits from the street. Have a bite and keep moving.