Here’s some stuff from the week of 3/23-3/29 that I didn’t write but I think is hella dope. Take your time to read ’em because it is Sunday fam.

  • As Americans Eat Healthier, Processed Foods Starting To Spoil. It was a good run boxed mac & cheese. But in reality, it’s going to take a while before we really flush processed food out of system. (NPR)
  • Breast Milk is Now Big Business. Breast milk…you make my dayyyyyayyyyy. (FirstWeFeast)
  • Was Your Seafood Caught By Slaves? AP Uncovers Unsavory Trade. In all seriousness, WTF is kind of shit is this? This is all kinds of fucked up. The journalist interview these guys while they were in a “cell”. (NPR)
  • Starbucks Won’t Try to Make You Talk About Race Today. TBH, there are some baristas out there who didn’t even want to participate in this. JUST SAYING. (Slate)
  • That Fish Cray. Word on the street is that this piece is up for a James Beard award for writing. (Lucky Peach)
  • ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’ Presents: Cooking with Mr. Wonderful Featuring Mario Batali. TBH, never really cared for Action Bronson prior to his VICE series. Batali and Bronson seem like old pals shooting the shit in this episode. (MUNCHIES)
  • You’re been making French toast all wrong. It’s the basics. Stop pretending it’s supposed to be healthy and get real & stop messing with wonder bread and wheat. (TIME)
  • McDonald’s Launches Big Mac Lifestyle Collection. Yo it’s not a sub-culture. It’s a life. #cozyboyz #burgerboyz (Hypebeast)