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Here’s some stuff from the week of 7/27-8/.2 that I found to be interesting and dope. Take your time to read ’em because it is Sunday and it’s Monday tomorrow. wah.

  • A taste of the Philippines. Profile piece with a Filipino American chef in SD. YO. It’s our year right? (SDU-T)
  • Turns Out, Almond Milk Has No Almonds In It. The milk contains less than 2% of almonds. BRAH, WTF. (Yahoo/Thrillist)
  • Michael Ruhlman’s Pasta with Tomato Water, Basil, and Garlic. The recipe is basic and looks promising to make with my CSA box. (Food52)
  • Traditional or Not, There’s Technique at the Heart of Teriyaki Burgers. I low-key beef with this recipe because Kua Aina burger kills it with their Teriyaki burger. But the recipe calls for togarashi…interesting. (Seriouseats)
  • To Shed Pounds, Going Vegetarian Or Vegan May Help. There’s more reason to do that Meatless Monday yall. (NPR: The Salt)
  • Squeezed By Drought, California Farmers Switch To Less Thirsty Crops. There is a reason why avocados are expensive and also why North County stepping up their wine game. (NPR: The Salt)
  • Cold Brew Wasn’t Invented Yesterday, So Here’s Some Historical Perspective. It’s hot and you’re going to be tired. There’s historical perspective of the “season’s latest trend”. (Daily Coffee News)
  • Dead Salmon, climate change and Northwest dams. WE’RE KILLING OUR SALMON SUPPLY. (Seattle Times)

LAZY SUNDAYS: A Weekly Blog Roundup

x! presents

Here’s some stuff I didn’t write but I think is hella dope. Take your time to read ’em because it is Sunday fam.

  • The Specialists: Franklin Barbecue. Good Texas BBQ takes time and dedication. I’m not waking up at 1am to write this blog. (Lucky Peach)
  • How The West Coast-Style IPA Conquered The World. YO. WEST COAST IPA INTERNATIONAL LIKE DR DRE AND SNOOP. (FirstWeFeast)
  • Food & Sh*t– Sariwa. Seattle Filipino food popup, Food & Sh*t, is hosting a vegan dinner tomorrow night because KRS-ONE. (Food&Sh*t)
  • Making Pies For Pi Day: Think Inside The Circle. Pi Day is over. I’ve had enough of the food porn. But NPR wants your Pi(e) game to step up. (NPR)
  • It’s Time to Kill the Meal Frequency Debate and Just Eat When We’re Hungry. Too many people talking about how many meals to eat. You’re an adult, make choices fam. (Munchies)
  • Phil’s BBQ Expands Meat Empire to Rancho Bernardo. PHILS BBQ BOUT TO TAKE NAMES IN RB. (Eater San Diego)
  • Carl’s Jr.’s New All-Natural Burger Makes The Rest Of Their Menu Look Toxic. What’s the point of having one item that’s “all natural” when the rest of the menu is crap? (Foodbeast)

NorCal Food Adventures: Lucky Chances

Lucky Chances


The best late night Filipino food in the history of Filipino food

The only casino in the peninsula…addict much?

Depending on how late, you might have to wait with other drunkards

filed under: the level of shame is a notch above walking out of a strip club by yourself, but at this hour you won’t GAF.


If you read Roy Choi’s LA Son: My Life, My City, My Food, Choi mentions how he would hit up back in the day the grimy ass casinos in the Southland like Commerce Casino and Hawaiian Gardens Casino. There he would run the tables with old Asian men, blowing through money on a Tuesday afternoon.

— Lucky Chances is like that for San Francisco-Daly City-South City area.

All my people know this isn’t fine cuisine. For reals, no foodie blog would and should touch this place. I only knew of this spot because my college Filipino org took me there while I was intoxicated. Shoutout to PACE. The chefs, staff, and menu reflect the pan-Asian clientele. You won’t be greeted with the best service, but when you see the menu you’ll make sense of what’s going on– silogs.

I won’t try anything else here besides silogs, which is Filipino breakfast cuisine that includes fried rice (sinagnag), fried eggs (itlog), and some type of meat. Honestly, there are a few other spots in the Daly City-area that has better silogs, House of Sisig and Tselogs  immediately come to mind, but they shut down before the bars are even open. But y’all need to recognize the need for a greasy plate of fried spam, fried rice and fried eggs between the hours of midnight-3a.

You don’t come to Lucky Chances, because it’s good food. You come because it’s drunk food. It’s greasy food that ensures a night full of drinking doesn’t yield a shitty hangover.

In SD, we have the neighborhood Mexican spot. In SF, I have a buncha uncles playing their card games while I figure out which fried Filipino specialty is a necessity at 2am.

Lucky Chances
1700 Hillside Blvd
Colma, CA 94014

Ain’t Shit to do But Cook: Deconstructed Torta Talong (Eggplant Omelette)


One of my favorite Filipino dishes out there is torta talong. It’s mad underrated. Folks will always go to their mainstays like adobo, lechon, pancit, lumpia, and notoriously balut. Hands down those dishes are more internationally known than faces on TFC.

As titled, torta talong is an eggplant omelette where you keep the eggplant whole, stems too. My mom’s take is to add ground beef into the omelette. The end result is a Filipino fighter on par with adobo. Her omelette comes out fluffy and also tangy from the banana ketchup, Jufran only, fuck UFC.

So my take on the dish is deconstruct it and serve it. Mandolin some Japanese eggplant, drop some panko then fry it. Stir fry some ground beef with onions and serve with egg. (I usually don’t fuck with yolk, but whatever.)


1 Japanese eggplant

1 lb 85/15 Ground Beef

1/4 yellow onion

3 Eggs

1/2 cup Panko

1/2 cup all purpose flour.

Figure that shit out tho. I’ll post instructions when yall start commenting and coming back.