LAZY SUNDAYS: A Weekly Blog Roundup

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Here’s some stuff I didn’t write but I think is hella dope. Take your time to read ’em because it is Sunday fam.

  • The Specialists: Franklin Barbecue. Good Texas BBQ takes time and dedication. I’m not waking up at 1am to write this blog. (Lucky Peach)
  • How The West Coast-Style IPA Conquered The World. YO. WEST COAST IPA INTERNATIONAL LIKE DR DRE AND SNOOP. (FirstWeFeast)
  • Food & Sh*t– Sariwa. Seattle Filipino food popup, Food & Sh*t, is hosting a vegan dinner tomorrow night because KRS-ONE. (Food&Sh*t)
  • Making Pies For Pi Day: Think Inside The Circle. Pi Day is over. I’ve had enough of the food porn. But NPR wants your Pi(e) game to step up. (NPR)
  • It’s Time to Kill the Meal Frequency Debate and Just Eat When We’re Hungry. Too many people talking about how many meals to eat. You’re an adult, make choices fam. (Munchies)
  • Phil’s BBQ Expands Meat Empire to Rancho Bernardo. PHILS BBQ BOUT TO TAKE NAMES IN RB. (Eater San Diego)
  • Carl’s Jr.’s New All-Natural Burger Makes The Rest Of Their Menu Look Toxic. What’s the point of having one item that’s “all natural” when the rest of the menu is crap? (Foodbeast)

Sea & Smoke Happy Hour Version

Sea & Smoke


Sister restaurant to Urban Solace.

Happy hour 3p-6p is good looks 7 Days a week. .

Flower Hill off the freeway. RIP to the movie theater & Pannikin.

Like NO, shrimp & grits. Delicious and you save almost 50%

filed under: Happy Hour, you the real MVP; Faded & full before 6pm.


I almost hate the Flower Mall in Del Mar just because there’s no real point of me being here. It’s basically uptown problems AKA this shit, that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold. If I’m in the area I might be at Whole Foods or at Burger Lounge, but Sea & Smoke has a fire happy hour. The happy hour prices hit the pocket nice too. Shit you might end up dropping a $100 on a meal. The cocktail’s are about $3 off, the beers hover around $3-5, and the food menu, though limited, is fuxwidable. I’ve been here with a big party before, and I can say that the pork belly was phenomenal and the service was good handling a 18 seat table. BUT THAT’S THAT & NOT HAPPY HOUR.

Shrimp & Grits with pork belly pieces.

YEAH MORE NEW ORLEANS FOR THE MOUTH. There’s a difference in style when it comes to palate, but that’s like comparing Bun B to Snoop Dogg. If I were to compare the two, they put a lot of butter in the South versus SD. The dish is definitely a stand out on the menu not only because you’re saving almost $10 off the dinner version, but the dish is a solid pick. The shrimp is well seasoned, the grits are on point and the crispy pieces of pork belly are good touch.

The burger is a easy copp too. I don’t mind the burger here, but truthfully if you told me to pick between Burger Lounge and Sea & Smoke, I’ll easily go Burger Lounge. But there’s no happy hour at Burger Lounge.

Niman Burger. smoked onion jam, swiss, cheddar, lemmon thyme aioli
Niman Burger. smoked onion jam, swiss, cheddar, lemmon thyme aioli

Sea & Smoke’s happy hour is the real MVP of happy hours, especially in North County. They have a solid Happy Hour menu that others should be gunning after. *KEVIN DURANT MEME*

Brunch looks exciting too. I need to try that cinnamon roll sandwich every one keeps talking about. But it’s really hard to compare the mood and food between the magical hours of 3pm and 6pm.

Sea & Smoke
2690 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014



I know part of the reason I blog here is that I want to blow up your spots. It is inevitable that there are spots, especially San Diegan spots, that are burned without anyone’s help. In the spirit of my Medium post titled “Five Overrated Places in San Diego“, this is a hopeful weekly volume of places I hate hitting up because they’re overly cracking. Yo, I have to write. Can we not pack every coffee shop in the area?

Lestat’s, both of ’em.


ALL THE FUCKING TIME. If it’s not hipsterville, it’s studyville. Hey UCSD, can we not study on a Friday? #shotsfied #iseeyourhoodiebro

Pannikin, Flower Hill, Del Mar


Every Sunday I try to write here, but I can’t. Parents, parents, parents, sprinkle of students. This spot is definitely for the Del Mar Crochet Team. #affluenzaDGAF #uptownproblems